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Boom Arm Extensions: Dixon Hardware Accessories PA-ACM1SL and PA-ACM1SM

  4.11.2016   Cody Byassee   Gear   No comments

Meet Dixon’s Boom Arm Extensions What if I told you it was possible to add more cymbals to your setup while schlepping fewer stands. Seem like an impossible quest? In

Seek Irony’s Rom Gov: A Rock Star in the Truest Sense

  19.09.2016   Cody Byassee   Artists   No comments

Rom Gov of Seek Irony Hard rock has always been a musical genre based on taking risks, defying the status quo, and pushing beyond comfort zones, armed with an arsenal

Auxiliary Hi-Hat Mount: Dixon Hardware Accessory PSHX-1

  8.09.2016   Cody Byassee   Gear   No comments

Over the past few years, the drumming world has gone hi-hat crazy—and that is a beautiful thing! It used to be that 14” was the go-to size for hi-hats, and

Peering Into Precision: An Inside Look Into the Development of Dixon’s Precision Coil Pedal

  22.08.2016   Cody Byassee   Gear   2 Comments

Precision Coil has finally arrived! After much anticipation within the drumming community, the finished product has now launched and hit stores worldwide. We designed Precision Coil from the ground up