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Cymbal Stands that Make or Break Your Setup

  30.04.2018   Steve Bunck   Gear   No comments

Sounds serious, right? “What’s so important about what cymbal stands I use?” There’s much to consider, so let’s start at the top. Tilt-a-Whirl Not only does this set the angle

Road Test: On Stage with the Dixon Little Roomer LR420

  4.01.2018   Steve Bunck   Featured, Gear   1 Comment

Little Roomer on the Road Greetings, drummers! Steve from the Dixon team here. I’d like to share my experience with a new, unique drum kit we have. It’s called the

Tools of the Trade: Bass Drums

  18.07.2017   Steve Bunck   Tips   No comments

So much of our identity in sound as drummers begins with the bass drum. Do you like yours wide open and bellowing like John Bonham, or tight and controlled like