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Tools of the Trade: Bass Drums

  18.07.2017   Steve Bunck   Tips   No comments

So much of our identity in sound as drummers begins with the bass drum. Do you like yours wide open and bellowing like John Bonham, or tight and controlled like

Rock Star Rudiments

  9.05.2017   Stephanie Snyder   Tips   No comments

Dixon endorser Stephanie Snyder from Deer Park Avenue gives us her pick of top rudiments for rock drums. Rock Star Rudiments When you’re ready to rock, rudiments are probably not

John Mader’s Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer

  1.03.2017   Greg Johnson   Artists, Tips   No comments

For drummers and musicians just getting started, finding the guidance of veteran musicians and hearing what they have to say about generating a thriving musical career is crucial. Our long-time

Gregg Bissonette’s Top 10 Tricks of the Trade

  3.09.2016   Greg Johnson   Artists, Tips   No comments

The guiding principles that a musician follows when they’re just starting out can be just as valuable as their equipment and education, and can mean the difference between the launch

Drum Knowledge: 5 Essential Tools Every Drummer Needs in Their Gig Bag

  10.07.2016   Dixon Conviction   Tips   No comments

Sometimes it can be stressful getting ready for a gig. Not only do you need to be prepared musically, you also have to make sure your instrument is in top-notch