Auxiliary Hi-Hat Mount: Dixon Hardware Accessory PSHX-1

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Over the past few years, the drumming world has gone hi-hat crazy—and that is a beautiful thing! It used to be that 14” was the go-to size for hi-hats, and even a pair of thirteens would be considered unique. In the current era of drumming, it is common to see hats consisting of anything from a pair of 16” effects crashes down to 8” china splashes. And it is not out of the ordinary to see drummers incorporating multiple sets of auxiliary hi-hats into one setup, particularly for genres of music that draw heavily from hip-hop and electronica influences.

If you are a drummer who just can’t get enough hi-hat, Dixon’s Auxiliary Hi-Hat Mount (PSHX-1) is perfect for you! This piece has has the versatility to be tailored to your specific needs and the stability you can count on in your performances. The 9” boom arm is compact enough to fit in tight spaces—between your ride cymbal and your bass drum, for example—but long enough to reach higher positions, such as above your main hi-hat stand. Simply attach the auxiliary hi-hat piece anywhere on your kit using a clamp such as the PAKL-157-SP, which will give you limitless options for angle placement.

While the auxiliary hi-hat mount is a simple piece of hardware, it is still packed with has some very handy features to increase playability. No matter what kind of cymbals you place on the PSHX-1, the locking rotator cup allows you to position them at virtually any angle you need, and with the spring-loaded tension adjuster and angle adjustment screw, you can set the perfect amount of tightness or openness between the cymbals. Even between songs, with the clutch locked in place, it is easy to adjust the space between the hats with one hand by lowering or raising the bottom cymbal.

To see the PSHX-1 in action, check out this video:

Have fun experimenting with your own unique placements of auxiliary hi-hats on your kit!


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