Boom Arm Extensions: Dixon Hardware Accessories PA-ACM1SL and PA-ACM1SM

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Meet Dixon’s Boom Arm Extensions

What if I told you it was possible to add more cymbals to your setup while schlepping fewer stands. Seem like an impossible quest? In this installment of Dixon Conviction, we’re bringing you some smart solutions for increasing the palette of sonic textures available on your kit, while minimizing your legwork.

Dixon’s hardware accessories line offers a multitude of mounting options for your setup needs, but today we are highlighting two pieces for the ultimate convenience and maximum portability they offer. The PA-ACM1SL and PA-ACM1SM boom arm extensions feature 15” and 7” long boom arms, respectively, with each containing a standard cymbal mounting tube, wing nut, and sturdy rotator cup.

Instead of being attached to a mounting post as are most conventional booms, these extension arms feature a mount that is designed to attach to an existing stand’s boom arm. This effectively creates an auxiliary stand which sprouts off of a full ride or crash cymbal stand. The boom mount attachment offers two points of 360° rotation which, in addition to the rotating cup on the cymbal arm itself, means you have full control of the height and angle placement of whatever you are mounting.

The 7” PA-ACM1SM is compact and perfect for tucking splash cymbals, stacks, or effects pieces such as Ribbon Crashers or Choppers into tight spaces around your kit. The larger 15” PA-ACM1SL is well-equipped to handle chinas, rides, and crash cymbals wherever you need them. Anywhere you already have a stand set up, one can easily become two or more! Get creative and you may soon find yourself sprouting cymbal trees all over the place.

But these boom arm extensions don’t just open up convenient placement possibilities for cymbals only—they are also great for sneaking in all kinds of percussion accessories anywhere in your setup. Mounted tambourines, cowbells, woodblocks…washboards—hey, if you can drill a hole in it, you can probably put it on your kit, and when you do, these boom arms will make sure you can put that thing wherever you want it to go!

Making smart setup decisions without sacrificing any of the sounds we want can be a game-changer for those of us not fortunate enough to have a road crew to haul our gear on the road or a drum tech to set it up for us. It makes load-ins less taxing so we have more energy to devote to our performance, and it shaves time off our set-up and tear-down so we have more time for sound check and hanging with bandmates and fans.

For more creative setup solutions, check in regularly at, and visit for information on other hardware accessories in the Dixon line.


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