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Innovation is at the heart of what Dixon is all about. While we strive to provide drummers with tried-and-true designs that they know and love, we also believe it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and design equipment that can offer an intriguing alternative to what is already out there. The Precision Coil is a revolutionary, modern take on the traditional bass drum pedal.

We’ve discovered that the rocking spring mechanism on traditional drum pedal lends itself to interference and inefficiency with every foot stroke, compromising smoothness and playability. As a result, drummers devote considerable time and energy to developing technical solutions to compensate for what is essentially a mechanical problem.

The Dixon team designed Precision Coil to be a mechanical solution to this mechanical problem. The result is a pedal with a sophisticated and streamlined feel that responds to your every move!

Precision Coil’s motion is proved to be closer to linear motion control as compared with traditional pedal.

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